How Support Workers Contribute to Families with Disabilities

15 January, 2024


Step into the fundamental nature of our team as we begin discovering its profound impact on working with people living with disabilities. In this exploration, we delve into the invaluable role of support workers and how they become pillars of strength for people facing unique challenges living with disabilities. Discover the essential assistance, inclusivity, and empowerment that these dedicated professionals bring to individuals with disabilities, fostering not only independence but also resilience. Join us as we unveil the inspiring stories of support workers making impactful contributions, creating a sense of community.

One Doorway’s Values:

Respect and Equality

At One Doorway, respect and equality are integral to our core values. Our support workers were trained to actively listen, empathise, and understand the unique needs of every family they assist. In every season, this compassion holds special significance, especially for families with disabilities who may encounter additional stress, financial constraints, or isolation. Our team embody respect and equality by providing a compassionate ear, offering emotional support and companionship, and brightening each day for those they serve.


Inclusivity is not just a buzzword at One Doorway; we fulfil this commitment daily. Everyone, regardless of the individual’s abilities, should be able to participate fully in any traditions. Our team works tirelessly to create inclusive environments, adapting activities and celebrations to ensure every family member can enjoy.


Diversity is the cornerstone of One Doorway’s community. We understand that every family is unique, and we celebrate this diversity. Our support workers come from various backgrounds and experiences, allowing them to connect with families on a personal level. Our diverse team ensures we cater to each family’s cultural, language, and individual needs.

One Doorway’s Mission:

To develop services to enhance quality of life and meet individual outcomes:

Creating Joyful Traditions

Our team collaborate with families to create or adapt new traditions. The intention is to create memories for everyone, whether going to the beach, BBQ night, baking cookies, or going to parades and festivals.

Building Connections

The holidays throughout the year were about coming together. Our support workers facilitate connections within families and the broader community. They organise gatherings, events, and outings allowing families to bond and share quality time.

Reducing Stress

We understand that the holidays or celebrations can be stressful. Our team assist families with planning, budgeting, and organising. This helps alleviate some pressure, allowing families to focus on what truly matters – being together.

One Doorway’s Vision: 

To provide every person with a life of fullness:

Advocacy and Awareness

At One Doorway, we are passionate advocates for families with disabilities. They work to raise awareness about the challenges these families face and advocate for inclusive policies and practices within their communities.

Education and Resources

We provide families with resources, information, and guidance to help them thrive. Our team connect families with valuable services, ensuring they have access to the support they need throughout the year.


Ultimately, our goal is to empower families to become advocates for themselves. Through our support, families gain the skills and confidence to navigate life’s challenges and celebrate the holidays with joy and resilience.

In conclusion, One Doorway’s support workers are poised to create heartwarming, inclusive, and joyous moments for families with disabilities. With our unwavering commitment to values, mission, and vision, we foster a warm, supportive, inclusive, and diverse community, allowing everyone to embrace the true spirit of love, positivity, and giving. Together, we’re building a brighter future.